Kudos on your outstanding academic performance! But why should you be hired when hundred othergraduates have the same academic qualification and possibly better grades?With so many people looking for jobs it is imperative that you distinguish yourself. The aim of everycompany is to meet their set goals and objectives using the best talentpossible. Consistently young people complain, and rightly so, about jobvacancies advertised with a request for some years of experience. As a freshgraduate that can be frustrating to say the least but there is a way around it;Internship!

What is aninternship?

An internship is work experience offered to students andgraduates by employers with the aim of providing an opportunity to practice. It allows you the environmentto learn the application of the theory learnt in school and gain experience inyour field of study. An internship is for a short period usually from one tothree months depending on your academic calendar and the employer.

How will aninternship help you?

1.       Gain experience

The saying that “Experience is the best teacher” can not betaken for granted in the job market. Theoretical knowledge is not sufficient toconvince potential employers that you can do the work. However, your ability todemonstrate practical experience in carrying out certain tasks will set youahead and much likely to secure you a job offer. With an internship, you will beable to gain much needed experience without the pressure an employee will have.It’s like being in a simulation and having the freedom to practice what you’velearnt in school while making mistakes, asking tons of questions and learningfrom experiences of professionals.

2.       Develop work skills

Often people add certain soft skills to their CV such ascommunication skills, time management, team player, adaptability, emotionalintelligence among others. It’s common to just copy and paste these words inyour CV but an internship will help you demonstrate it. You can use thisopportunity to decide the specific skills you wish to imbibe and assessyourself while interning. A good internship will expose you to people who have developedthese soft skills and can help you polish up too.

3.       Improve your CV

Research has shown that recruiters spend an initial 6-10seconds scanning your CV for the essential skills and knowledge. A freshgraduate with relevant internship experience comes off as serious andself-motivated. In short, you make an impression! Interning each long vacationgives you 9 months’ worth of experience which added to extra curriculaactivities and good grades sets you apart.

4.       Network

Who do you know? Or better still, who knows you? Aninternship offers the best opportunity to showcase yourself and to make a goodimpression to potential employers. The people you work with can become yourmost valuable resource for recommendations or helpful referrals, when lookingfor employment. Most often companies are also more likely to hire a productiveintern they have worked with over   a newapplicant.  This is why it is crucial to makethe best of your internship and leave a lasting impression.

5.       Have Fun!!!

It may sound like a weird point but it’s true. A lot ofAttache interns have had amazing and fun experiences like getting to operatedrones, developing sales strategies, organizing events and many more. So whystay at home watching TV and playing video games? Make use of each day andbuild yourself for the future while having fun. 

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