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Having an academic qualification without job experience is like having g)b3 (gari & beans) without plantain; it is incomplete! Fortunately, you can gain up to 1 year experience and develop skills relevant to the job market by the end of your tertiary education through internships.

No need to write countless applications to companies or go door-to-door in search of an internship/ attachment opportunity; Attache handles all of that for you. We also provide training, recruitment service and a way to earn money as a freelancer. You are the inspiration behind the creation of our brand and we look forward to an exciting journey with you. You are now a click away from fulfilling your dream.

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Businesses go through various stages in their life cycle and at each stage innovation is essential. Beginning from the start-up phase, when the company has few employees wearing different hats; to the growth phase, where the business experiences rapid growth and then the maturity phase when new areas of growth are explored; human capital remains an integral and fundamental component. Attache has tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements at each phase of the business life cycle. Hiring an intern or part-time staff is a cost-effective way to get fresh perspective and compliment your staffing needs. During the growth and maturity phase, hiring full time employees to handle core business functions will be a likely choice in order to sustain growth. Attache freelance solution also provides skilled support needed to complete short-term specialized projects. Register today and have Attache manage your HR request.

Why Attache?

Attache is a team of skilled, committed and reliable professionals dedicated to providing you with the best HR services. We provide an online platform to connect companies, interns and people seeking career opportunities. We love what we do and value the relationships we build with our clients. Why not work with us?

Our Internships Work Process



Once payment is confirmed, the Attaché team will interview you to better understand your request; leading to a review of your CV and scheduling of training.



Based on our partnership with hundreds of companies across various industries and locations, our team will work to ensure the best fit for you and the company



A 2 day intensive training will be organized to equip you for the workplace as a well equipped and motivated intern. Your performance at the training will be assessed and a certificate awarded accordingly.



After the training, our team will work to ensure the best host company for internship. Upon successful processing, you will receive all the relevant details of the hosting company for the commencement of your internship.



Our team will follow up to ensure you are well supported whiles interning. Your performance during the internship will be assessed by the host company and a certificate will be awarded based on the feedback received.

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How do I sign up for the internship program?

Register an account here, fill the application form and submit your application.

We aim to secure a placement for you between 1-3 months after successful submission of your completed application. This includes the payment of fees as well. It is important to apply early enough to successfully complete your training before your preferred internship period.

To ensure a holistic skills development model, our pre-internship training is mandatory for all applicants. Applicants will not be placed without going through the training. This is to ensure you have the basic skills required to make you an effective intern, build your confidence and competence. The training also provides value added interns to our partner companies to compliment the hard skills training they also provide during the internship.

The objective of internship is to gain relevant job experience, skills and establish professional connections. Getting paid is therefore an additional benefit which is determined by the type of application you select. Paid internships are categorized under Premium application and offers a stipend during the internship period. Standard application is for unpaid internships.

Yes; as part of our internship program, the hosting company completes the Attaché internship assessment form. This enables them to provide feedback about your performance, strength and possible areas of improvement. This will be evaluated and a certificate awarded based on your rating.

Attaché provides internship for both students and graduates. We encourage graduates to intern while looking for a permanent job offer since it offers a great opportunity to improve your skills and CV. Good performances during internships could also create opportunities for job offers from hosting companies.

The fee paid covers various aspects of the internship program. In the unlikely event that you are not placed after the training, you are guaranteed a full refund of the cost component for the internship placement.

To ensure efficient processing of all applications and customer satisfaction, applications are open all year round but closed 2 months before the start of the summer/long vacation. All pre-internship trainings will also be completed before the vacation begins which also marks the beginning of the internship period.

Meet Our Executive Team

Attache is a team of skilled, committed and reliable professionals dedicated to providing you with the best service.

Goloi Osakwe Dwamina Akpan

Operations Director

Yaa Nyarko Faried

Managing Director

Joshua Dzeagu

Human Resource Manager


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