Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions are a legal agreement between:
The recruitment company: Think Attache Gh Ltd. and The client: An individual or group of individuals using the services or advice of the recruitment company.

Attache Terms & Conditions:

The General Terms and Conditions set out by Attache are intended to define the contractual obligations established between the client and Attache and conditions of sale. Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully. All our services, offers and / or reservations are subject to these Terms & Conditions. Performing an internship through Attache or additional services means that the Terms & Conditions below are accepted. Attache retain all rights to reject the application of any person deemed unsuitable and this, at its own discretion. All Attache’s clients are obliged to act in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the contract.

– Host company: The company where the internship or job takes place. Partners: Companies employed or used by Attache for their services (eg host company, freelance client, part-time host company, etc) Internship agreement: The contract between the host company and the client / student

1. Registration and client’s commitments

1.1 Free registration and account creation without any obligation to purchase.
1.2 Upon registration, the client reads and agrees to Attache’s Terms & Conditions.
1.3 Clients must provide CVs in Word or PDF format. The CV can be reviewed by Attache for a fee under our CV review service upon request by the client.
1.4 The client agrees to provide the necessary information as well as information that may affect the smooth running of the internship. Attache reserves the right to refuse application if the client fails to provide information within the acceptable timescale or has a criminal conviction for a serious offence or anything that in Attache’s opinion makes the client unsuitable for the chosen placement.
1.5 The client undertakes not to override the Attache recruitment process to obtain an internship directly with the companies in Attache’s network. (Companies under contract with Attache are not entitled to accept the client if it does not go through the Attache legal recruitment process and does not make the payment of fees related to Attache services). The client is not allowed to enter into any direct internship agreement with the host company.

2. Internship acceptance conditions

2.1 Once the internship corresponding to the client profile and to its expectations has been found, the client cannot refuse to do the interview with the host company except for valid reasons clearly explained to Attache. If applicable, the refusal will result in a search for a new host company and another interview.
2.2 If after the interview, the host company accepts the client, the client cannot refuse to do the internship, except for valid reasons clearly explained to Attache. If applicable, the refusal will result in a search for a new company and another interview.
2.3 The application fee cannot be refunded as soon as a first interview has been scheduled with a host company.
2.4 Attache can provide up to a maximum of 2 internship offers in case of failure of an interview with a host company. Offers are subject to availability.
2.5 After two refusals by the client, the client will not be placed in an internship program and the application fee will not be refunded.
2.6 When the initial duration of the internship is set and communicated to the host company, it cannot be changed (or shortened, extended or renewed).

3. Responsibility and behaviour of the client

3.1 It is the responsibility of the client to have a public liability insurance and a medical insurance.
3.2 The client is fully responsible for its acts throughout the internship and is liable for any damage, loss or damage resulting from its actions. The client agrees to indemnify Attache, the host company, or any other party that may suffer loss or damage due to the client’s conduct.
3.3 It is the client’s responsibility be available at the start date. If the client deviates from the conditions, no refund will be made.
3.5 The client undertakes to behave respectfully and in line with the host company’s policies and code of conduct during the internship.
3.7 In the event of a problem with the host company, the client must contact Attache before ending the internship so that solutions may be found where possible.
3.8 Should the client experience any problems whilst partaking in the internship, the client must immediately inform Attache in writing by email, with a clear explanation of the problem. In such an event, Attache will discuss the problem and ways in which it can be solved with the client. Only what is recorded in a written form either by email or by letter will be taken into account.
3.9 In case the client decides to terminate the internship by itself, or if the host company decides to terminate the internship of the client due to inappropriate behavior (like but not limited to verbal or physical abusive behavior, racist behavior, drug-taking, alcohol, misconduct, insubordination, behavior deemed unacceptable by the host company), Attache reserves the right not to refund the expenses incurred and not place the client in another host company.
3.10 Attache, its staff and its partners cannot be held responsible for any injury, accident, theft, damage, disease, loss, cost or risk that may be incurred during an internship.
3.11 The client is responsible for its own safety during the internship.

4. Attache commitments and liabilities

4.1 Attache acts as an intermediary between the host companies and the client.
4.2 Attache agrees to link the client with host companies according to its expectations, profile, field of study, location, skills and according to the requirements and expectations of host companies.
4.3 Attache undertakes not to disclose the client’s personal information to commercial institutions or any other person or entity.
4.4 Once the client has accepted the internship offer and the host company has fixed a start date for the internship, Attache agrees to withdraw the internship offer from the market.
4.5 Attache agrees to follow the client throughout the internship and ensure its smooth running.
4.6 Attache agrees to be available to provide all relevant information to the client.
4.7 Attache agrees to fully refund the client if Attache is not able to offer an internship in line with the client’s application.
4.8 The client hereby acknowledges that Attache is not legally responsible for the client during and outside of the internship program.
4.16 Attache takes no responsibility and is not liable for any accidents at any third party’s locations, including but not limited to the premises of the host internship company.

6. The host company

6.1 The host company is the sole decision-maker regarding the choice of applicants for the internship.
6.2 ATTACHE cannot guarantee remuneration for the internship by host companies.
6.3 The client must comply with the code of conduct of the host company. (Punctuality, respect for the corporate culture, adherence to the company policies, which may be set out in a staff handbook or verbally)
6.4 If the client accepts the offer made by the host company, the client is under the responsibility of the host company from the beginning of the internship. Any negotiations concerning schedules, bonuses, holidays take place between the client and the host company.

7. Change of host company

7.1 Requesting a change of host company will only be considered under certain conditions:
- Sexual harassment or moral harassment.
- Racial or religious defamation.
- Inability of the host company to keep providing the internship.
- Bankruptcy filing of the host company.
- Breach of security or health measures, which may harm or affect the client.
Note: The client must ask all the necessary questions about his/her internship, missions, remuneration, working conditions, working hours, workplace during the interview with the host company.

8. Prices

8.1 ATTACHE reserves the right to change prices. However, the services are charged on the basis of the rates in effect at the date of the client’s registration.

9. Payment and fee refund

9.1 All payments are secure and are made by mobile money, Visa or MasterCard. Checks or cash are not accepted.
9.2 Transaction fees are the responsibility of the client.
9.3 ATTACHE agrees to refund the internship application fee, if ATTACHE is not able to offer an internship in accordance with the client’s application.
9.3 After payment of the fee, the client’s file is sent to the host companies. If the client’s profile matches their expectations, ATTACHE organizes an interview with the companies interested in it. If the client is not selected after two interviews organised by ATTACHE with companies, no internship placement will be made and the deposit will not be refunded.
9.4 After the first interview organised by ATTACHE between the Client and a host company, the fee will not be refunded.
9.5 If the client refuses the proposal of a company which suits its application, the fee will not be refunded, but another internship may be offered. (Subject to availability of internships)
9.6 If the client changes its mind after being accepted by a host company, no refund will be made.
9.7 The cancellation of the application on the ground of change of mind, have found another internship by itself, change of field of study will not receive a refund.
9.8 If the client decides to stop the internship after its beginning, without informing ATTACHE or without valid reasons, the client cannot be refunded or placed in another host company.

10. Confidentiality

10.1 The client agrees not to disclose any information in relation with ATTACHE and ATTACHE partners to its competitors, schools, institutions or other students.

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