You may know something and not know how to do it, that means you have KNOWLEDGE.

If what you know got to you through schooling, it is Formal. If it was passed on to you from word of mouth, reading, watching TV, on internet etc. Out of school, it is Informal. Informal knowledge acquisition from Elders comes with lots of wisdom not learnt in school. You may know and also be able to do it. That means you are EDUCATED. Every educated person has KNOWLEDGE and SKILL. 

If you hold a degree or a certificate and cannot do anything with it except to talk, you are not educated.

If you happen to be knowledgeable and find yourself in a Mechanic shop where your car is being repaired or in electronic shop where your mobile phone is being repaired, the repairers there are already educated so please refrain from going to give lectures there. When you know (knowledge), practically can do things (skill) and you have worked for years (experience) then we say you are COMPETENT. Competent people hardly talk or argue because they are busy WORKING. The only way to acquire skills is to WORK WITH SOMEONE WHO IS EDUCATED, formal or informal. 

Educated people always get their daily bread. 

No matter how knowledgeable you are, you may go to bed hungry unless fed by an educated people. Schooling provides knowledge and just a few skills if any. Skill acquisition is in real life. It must be remembered that no one passes his or her skill easily to anyone unless you can prove yourself to be serious, loyal, trustworthy and grateful to be mentored.



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