Some opportunities in life come once and you definitely would not want to miss it. Unfortunately, you may not know which opportunity that is when it presents itself when applying for a job. That is why it is critical to be prepared at all times and make the best impression.

An eye tracking study by Ladders Inc. revealed that recruiters spend an average of 7.4secs per CV when hiring. Having a good CV will ensure that your CV is not tossed prematurely and should therefore not be taken for granted. 

So you are ready to apply for the job and your CV is in top-notch condition or is it? Keep reading to find out if you need a CV review. 

1.You are not sure what to include 

An ideal CV must be a page or at most two pages no matter how long you have worked. This can be a daunting feat to achieve if you have a lot of work experience to share.   A CV should give an accurate and interesting overview of who you are and what you have to offer without writing an autobiography. A CV review will there help you determine what to add and/or remove to create a winning document. 

2.Keyword optimization 

Thanks to technology, recruiters of large firms often use filtering systems to sort through the hundreds of CVs sent to them. Having the right structure and keywords will ensure you make it through the initial screening. 

3.You are new to the job market 

It is important to be abreast with current trends in the recruitment space and this may be challenging if you are a recent graduate or you have been out of the job market for a while. A professional review will help address any lapses there may be and make it up to date.

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