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RESPONSIBILITIES •Planning And Coordination of Account Activity •Generating Sales Opportunities •Reporting Status of Accounts on A Regular Basis •Helping To Extend or Maintain Existing Accounts or Clients and Develop New Clients •Understanding The Communication Needs of Clients •Reconciling Account Balances, Bank Statements, and Month-End Management Reports •Maintaining A General Ledger •Auditing And Analyzing Financial Performance •Keeping Account Books and Systems Up to Date •Ensuring The Accuracy of Financial Documents as Well as Their Compliance with Relevant Laws and Regulations •Preparing Tax Returns •Offering Guidance on Cost Reduction •Revenue Enhancement and Profit Maximization •Representing Clients at Various Government Offices •Reinforce Financial Data Confidentiality •Report On Client’s Financial Health and Liquidity •Ensure Timely Payments

TypeEmployee (Full Time)RoleAccountantProfessional QualificationsFirst degree or Professional Certification in Accounting
Academic QualificationsFirst DegreeYears Of Experience2Status-
Other Benefits-

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